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A body paragraph is one of four or three other paragraphs that are placed between the introduction and the conclusion of any piece of writing. These paragraphs can be called mini-essays, since they contain the most significant elements of a good essay like order, unity, completeness, and coherency.

How to write a body paragraph?


Organization is another term that is usually used for “order”. If the paragraph has a “plan,” and the key idea is well-versed and well-developed in order of significance, then a body paragraph is considered to possess a good order.


Just as an essay should have its controlling and key idea, which is known as the thesis statement, body a paragraph should also have its controlling and key idea, which is the topic sentence. All the sentences of the paragraph have to be related to the key and controlling idea that is presented in the topic sentence. If this is strictly followed, a body paragraph has its unity.


Coherency is aimed at connecting all the components of writing. All the sentences within a body paragraph should be interrelated. One of the significant ways to connect all the sentences together is through the application of transitions, such as on the one hand, on the other hand, moreover, nevertheless, thus, as a matter of fact, generally speaking, to mention but a few, for instance, etc. The following transitions illustrate relationships between sentences and words. In order to achieve coherency, some key phrases, images or words should be repeated several times within an essay.


If a body paragraph provides corroborative and supporting pieces of evidence or details to support a topic sentence, then there is completeness. Do not know what is “corroborative”? If your topic sentence states that “ has changed the life of a poor black boy (The Blind Side),” and then the paragraph focuses on certain details how Leigh Anne has influenced and changed Michael Oher's life, then such a paragraph can be considered complete. If you state that “ has changed the life of a poor black boy", but you fail to give any pieces of evidence, then such a paragraph is incomplete.

Body paragraphs are essential components of any piece of academic writing. Without these paragraphs, your piece of writing is worth nothing.