A cover letter is defined as a document that a school student sends to a college or university when applying for an admission or finding out whether there is any. In addition to the following letter, a student can send his or her resume, also known as curriculum vitae or CV.

A cover letter can also be written to request some assistance in the work search process, which is also known as a networking letter. It is meant to inquire about possible jobs or positions in a certain company or organization, the so-called uninvited cover letter; or it may accompany person's resume or CV when applying for a particular job. The latter type of letter is also called a resume cover letter.   

Since a cover letter is considered one of the most commonly written ones, we want to pay more attention to a cover letter format and its peculiarities.
The following letter should be a page long. If the company or firm that you are going to send your letter to has not indicated any specific requirements, it is advisable for you not to exceed a one-page limit, which should comprise 200-300 words. In this letter, you should present yourself in the best possible way. Your letter should be well-versed, well-organized, and consistent.  

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

  1. Research the company or firm you are planning to write to, namely, what this company does, what it is best or worst at, its position in the market, what competitors it has, etc. At first sight, the above-mentioned details could seem like unimportant or unnecessary, but if you show or state that you about them in your letter, your interest in the chosen position will be paid extra attention and will be appreciated.
  2. Find as much information about the position for which you are planning to apply as possible.
  3. List all your skills, strengths, and experiences that you consider to be valuable and relevant to the chosen position.
  4. Plan the structure of your letter.
  5. Write the letter according to the set plan.
  6. Format your letter accordingly.
  7. Proofread your cover letter several times to verify that there are no grammatical, spelling, stylistic or any other mistakes.