Students got used to write different types of academic papers. The thing is that, at college, they often prepare works on various essay topics. Every time they get an assignment, they have to submit a unique writing project. Each paper has to be very interesting, that is why it is necessary to choose a fascinating subject.

Below, there are some essay topic variants you may take into account:

  1. The most important person in my life.

An original narrative essay can be written on this subject. It gives you an excellent opportunity to talk about someone who means a lot to you. You can describe his/her valuable qualities which you would like to have. Besides, you can also show the influence that this person has on your life.

  1. How to prevent teenage pregnancies.

Conduct detailed research and collect useful information, including some statistical data, to find out whether sex education is an essential class or not. Can it help teenagers change their attitude towards early sex life? You may also offer some solutions to the problem. If to consider a variety of good essay topics, this one is the most popular among the students

  1. Does being nervous have a bad influence on your life?

How being irritated can affect your health and ruin your plans? If you have decided to write a paper on this topic, you should give readers some examples from real life. It will help make your work more interesting.

  1. The effects of vegetarian food on health.

This subject seems to be the most wide-spread among all college essay topics. The point is that this trend is really increasing nowadays. Try to find out the pros and cons of eating such food. Examine whether a vegetarian diet is harmful to people’s health or not. Do vegetarians lead a special lifestyle?

  1. Is it good to have a desire of revenge?

Express your point of view on this topic. Present some arguments and prove them giving concrete facts.

If it is hard for you to decide which subject to select, take a look at the following essay topics:

  1. The role of a father in a family?
  2. Is it important to study to achieve success in life?
  3. Why do American companies outsource to developing countries?
  4. The most influential person in the world of Economics. Discover whether there is such a person and why he/she is so important.
  5. A confusing moment in my life.
  6. Homeschooling for the children that have suffered from abuse.

All the aforementioned essay topics are very interesting. Choose the one you like and prepare a great work on it.