There are various types of written assignments, as well as essays that require different things from students. These are some of the essays: custom essays, argumentative custom essays, articles or books reviews, term papers, personal essays, descriptive essays, and so on. The work of students can become easier if they try to follow one of the standard organizational or structural essay forms. It is recommended that a standard custom essay or any other written assignment comprises five paragraphs: the introduction, three or four body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The following components of the essay structure are considered the basic ones and should be present in each essay. If one of the essay components is omitted, such an essay will not be considered a good one. In this case the student could be asked to revise his / her essay in order to add a missing component or he or she would get a poor grade.  

Writing an essay can be an easy assignment if you include the following components:


The introduction is considered a key component for presenting the content of your essay structure. Before the reader gets to your essay thesis statement, she or he expects to comprehend a clear idea of what you are going to discuss – the topic of your essay. You should use the introduction in order to provide a slight hint of your key points or questions you will try to highlight or answer in your essay. You should finish your introduction with a well-written and clear thesis statement that states the argument or idea you will be dwelling on. Since the thesis statement is the most significant part of the introduction and the whole essay, you should re-write it until you dwell on exactly what you want.

Three or Four Body Paragraphs

Either three or four body paragraphs should present the core of a standard essay. Each body paragraph is advised to have the same structure: a so-called topic sentence, two or three sentences that support your evidence, and a final sentence that serves as a transition from one paragraph to the next one.

It is worth noting that the topic sentence should be closely related to the thesis statement, as well as the essay title.


Many students believe that the conclusion can break or make an entire essay. This happens because the conclusion is the last thing the reader will remember. Your conclusion should show how all essay components are related to each other and how they assist you in proving your thesis statement. Here you should also restate your main points provided in your essay introduction.