We would like to pay your attention to the fact that each essay consists of the following components: an introduction, body paragraphs, and of course, a conclusion. At first sight, everything seems pretty easy. You should start with writing the introduction, then three or four body paragraphs that present your key ideas or points, and finish with the essay conclusion. In a traditional essay, a student should state his / her point or consideration in the introduction and then reiterate it in the essay conclusion. The following scenario is acceptable for a school student but not for a college or university one.

Once you have managed to reach the college or university level, your written assignments are expected to be of high quality. Your teachers or professors expect that you do not simply give an answer to a question or present your idea or opinion, but foster heated discussions aimed at keeping the conversation developing.

The best possible way to ensure that your essay conclusions do not bring your essay to a halt is by asking yourself such a question “And so what?” The following question implies that you have presented or said everything you planned, but why does this matter a lot? Why should your readers care? What do your opinions or arguments propose to an ongoing or future discussion concerning your problem or the topic held by your peers, teachers, or professors, or even researchers or scholars with a lot of background knowledge and years of experience? College or university writing is aimed at establishing clarity and credibility; what can you do is to demonstrate that you are sure of the up-to-date debate and that you do have at least one point or consideration to add to it. You should state this key point or consideration in your university or college essay conclusion.

Writing decent or good essays is a very time-consuming and difficult task. You should not put off your essay till the last moment. It is advisable to make some notes or prepare several drafts in advance. After having done these things, you will have a possibility to choose the best variant or to take different components from different drafts to complete the final essay. Consider that each component of your essay ought to be well-versed and that there should be a good transition from one paragraph to another.

You should not only have good introductions and good body paragraphs, but also good essay conclusions. Only a good correlation of these components can guarantee you a good grade.