It is impossible to write a quality research paper or almost any kind of academic paper without a solid thesis statement. In fact, it is so important that if you do not have it or it is written not well enough, there is a high probability of failure. In addition, the paper becomes much easier to write if you have a solid thesis statement. Many people ask: “What is a thesis in an essay?” The main purpose of a thesis statement is to explain to the reader what your essay is about.

Therefore, unless you are a really talented writer, who knows what is a thesis in an essay and how to write a thesis for an essay, your thesis statement should be placed at the end of the first paragraph. However, some authors prefer to devote two paragraphs to the introduction. They may do so when there is a large number of dramatic information to "lure" readers in. In this case, thesis statement can be placed at the end of the second paragraph.

You may write your thesis in a form like “In this research paper, I will…” –  this type helps writers without any experience to ensure they have a solid thesis statement. Also, when writing a thesis you may frame it in the third person, if it is a clear one, like the following:

Thesis Statement in the Third Person:

It is very important that we begin to act appropriately to improve the ecological situation now before the environment becomes uninhabitable for humans.

Thesis Statement with “I”:

I am going to discuss how important it is that we begin to act appropriately to improve the ecological situation now before the environment becomes uninhabitable for humans.

To write a good thesis of an essay, you should know you topic well enough and have an exact purpose. You can always change your thesis if the topic of your essay is changing. If you need to extend a thesis statement for a very long essay or research paper, you can go back and make appropriate changes in your thesis. However, you need to keep in mind what is a thesis in an essay, to stay on the right track.

For example, let us get back to the topic of environmental degradation. You may have a long essay, which requires more discussion, or you just want to name some individual aspects of environmental degradation in detail, as well as the ways we can change this. In this case, you could write your essay thesis like this: “I am going not only to discuss certain types of negative impact of humanity on our planet, but also some ways to prevent the deterioration of this situation as well.”

To write a thesis, you need some time to think. You do not have to formulate the solid thesis immediately once you have read the assignment. Before you development the argument you have to do some research work, namely to gather and organize all evidence, and consider their value. During this mental work, you will probably get a “working thesis”, the main idea, which, in your opinion, is able to support evidence; however, it may still need some adjustment along the way.

When rereading your working thesis for the first draft, ask the following questions:

  • Did I answer the main question?
  • Is the thesis statement original and specific enough?
  • Have I taken a position that readers may take or oppose?
  • Is my thesis supported with my essay without any wandering?
  • Does it pass the “so what?”, “how and why?” tests? If the first response of your reader is “So what?”, “how?” or “why,” then you probably have to make some changes in your essay. You need to clarify or forge a relationship, convince the reader in your opinion.