Submitting a Refund Application

Users of our writing service are entitled to ask for a refund for up to 2 weeks (14 days) of the date of their order expiring. Needless to say perhaps, there are no time restrictions in place if the customer is claiming the paper (or any part of the paper) they received is plagiarized. However, they will be asked to show irrefutable proof (i.e. a reliable report) that our writer is responsible for the plagiarism.    

Note: We do not accept reports from as reliable proof because this system draws attention to cases of ‘plagiarism’ that are not genuine, e.g., correctly-cited quotations/references and other elements that are not usually considered to be plagiarism. As well as this, we do not accept hand-made notes alleging plagiarism. By contrast, however, we are happy to accept reports from, iThenticate, WriteCheck and some other services.            

Customers sometimes ask us to complete papers that they themselves started. However, we cannot be blamed for plagiarism in those parts of a paper that the customer completed. We only run plagiarism tests on those parts written by our own staff.

In situations where a customer does not find our work satisfactory, each case will be examined carefully and the findings reported within a four-day period. Full or partial refunds will be issued where there is a genuine basis for dissatisfaction.  



Customers are offered free revisions for up to 2 days after a deadline passes. After this free revision window has expired, a fresh order will be needed. If, by agreement, a writer undertakes any revisions without additional reimbursement, no future refund can be provided against that order.       

We offer free revisions for up to 30 days after the deadline passing for longer paper, e.g., those with twenty pages or more.

We cannot, unfortunately, offer free revisions where original instructions are changed. Furthermore, if essential materials/information is not forthcoming until a project is underway or completed, a new order may be needed by way of compensation.     

Where a customer takes up our offer of complimentary revisions, they will need to put in place a suitably-revised deadline when setting out their instructions. If there is difficulty reassigning an order or if the requirements are complicated, the revised paper can take up to one day to complete but we always strive to meet deadlines.    

Customers should monitor their email and account pages for the possibility of messages from us. Occasionally, crucial materials are not included with an order, but it is each customer’s responsibility to make sure we have everything we need to complete orders satisfactorily.

Please choose our “Extended Revision” option while placing an order if you want to enlarge revision period from 48 hours up to 14 days.  The price of this option will be just 30% of the paper cost. However, customers cannot use “Extended Revision” option if the revision instructions will differ from the initial ones. Also, bear in mind that payment for this option will not be refunded if the customer does not make any revision requests.


A Full Refund

If we mistakenly charge you too much or you accidently order the same paper in a duplicate form, we may refund the order price in full and/or, upon request, our support team will cancel any unwanted order.

If we fail to find you a writer, we will refund the order price in full. 

Any materials provided against a particular order should no longer be used when a full refund is issued. 


A Partial Refund

If a customer mistakenly selects an incorrect length of paper when ordering, we may refund part of the order price.

If a customer mistakenly selects the incorrect academic or writing level when ordering, we may refund part of the order price.

If a customer mistakenly provides contradictory instructions, we may refund part of the order price.

Cancelling an order after it has been allocated to a writer:

    Refund percentage

    Passed deadline


    10-19% of the deadline


    20-29% of the deadline


    30-39% of the deadline


    40-49% of the deadline


    50-59% of the deadline


    60%+ of the deadline

    Note: Cancellation is not possible where a deadline still has thirty percent left and a writer is assigned or where an order is ready and uploaded.


    Late Verification

    Customers are usually requested to verify their orders by our Finance team in a bid to prevent identification fraud. Sometimes customers are late providing the required verification so the deadline clock will not start ticking until the necessary paperwork is received. If this delay is a problem, a deadline extension may be negotiated or the customer can submit a new order to compensate the writer if the work is urgent.       


    Word Count Issues

    We work order length out by word count with each page estimated to have 300 words. Papers of the technical type are not calculated in this way because of their numeric nature. In cases like these, cost is determined by level of complexity.

    Presentations with speaker notes. If you require speaker notes to go with your PowerPoint slides, your assigned writer will create up to 150 words per slide for you.    

    If you have an online test to complete, we can help. Cost is worked out on the basis of five questions/answers per page and the total number of questions/pages, e.g., a customer with a ten-question assignment should order/pay for a two-page assignment. 



    If a customer wants an assignment delivered early, appropriate compensation will be required. Therefore, we will ask for a new order based on the recalculated price. If, by agreement, a writer delivers a paper early without additional reimbursement, no future refund can be provided against that order.

    If our company is late delivering a customer’s order and we have not arranged a deadline extension, the customer will be at least refunded in part. 


    Order Type

    We ask customers to choose the correct assignment type when ordering, e.g., “Essay” or “Book Review.”

    The practice of rephrasing/rewording a text is known as rewriting. Additional payment will only be required if we are requested to provide “fresh” content, e.g., additional text, research or new sources.    

    Customers are advised to keep a check on their email or user account area for possible correspondence from us. On-time response is appreciated, especially in cases where customer input is required.