The best memories come from traveling to different countries. As soon as you finish reading this article, you’ll learn the best countries to visit during this season.

Best Fall Vacations

1. Poland

Zakopane is one of the best vacation destinations. It offers an unforgettable mountain experience. Whether you come to Poland for shopping, skiing, or sightseeing, you will enjoy it anyways.

2. Peru

Peru is a home to the well-known Amazon rain forest. It amazes its visitors with the Andes Mountains. The outstanding Machu Picchu pyramid represents the traces of Inca Empire and impresses tourists annually.

3. Tanzania

Tanzania is another country from the list of fall destinations famous for being home to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, which excites the tourists with hiking and sightseeing. In addition, it is the highest peak in the country.

4. Denmark

Denmark welcomes tourists with the best architecture around the world, with many incredible castles, cathedrals, and towers. Art lovers and history geeks will love this place.

5. Italy

Italy offers one of the most delicious cuisines. In Rome, you will enjoy an abundance of sights, the Vatican City is one of them.

6. Russia

Russia is definitely one of the best vacation destinations. It provides tourists with exciting sightseeing, offering various buildings for admiration.

7. Hungary

Hungary has unforgettably impressive architecture including the largest synagogue in Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is known for its beauty and peaceful pace of living, especially during the evenings, when the city becomes magical and bright.

8. Australia

It’s impossible to create a list of the best fall destinations without Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best places to be visited.

9. China

China has some of the most unusual vehicles in the world, approximately 35,000 different animals, and one of the oldest histories to be explored.

10. Malaysia

This country is known for nature, diverse flora and fauna that will impress you.